Miriam Rusin. Erotica, Erotic Series, 2013. Edition 1/5

30 x 24 inches (w/frame). Digital Photography with light installation.



Miriam Rusin

Place of Residency ǀ Lugar de residencia: Florida, USA


Miriam Rusin is an art photographer and independent studio artist living in Miami. She began her studies in painting at the Escuela de San Alejandro in Havana Cuba where she soon discovered she was painting with a camera lens not a brush. She also trained at the School of Television and Cinema in Madrid.
Her photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide including the Metropolitan Museum, New York City, USA, Bella Galleria, Milan, Italy; the Museum of the Louvre, Paris France, and the Lucid Gallery, Spectrum Miami Art Basel 2015, Miami. Other shows include Veni Vedi Social Club, Miami; the Why Art Gallery, Miami Beach; Catalina Hotel & Beach Club, Miami Beach, and the Cuban American Phototeque Art District, Miami.
Rusin’s color and b&w digital media work includes 3-D animation. She is an instructor for digital photography at Miami-Dade Community College.
“EROTICA” Rusin’s erotica series for Art Basel 2015, was inspired by the Man Ray and Lee Miller photograph: Nude Leaning Forward (1930), specifically, Rusin’s first image in this series, “La Montana,” (The Mountain).
"The erotic is suggestive not explicit," Rusin says. This suggestion of sensuality has always drawn her to Man Ray’s bold art. His ability to capture the sculptural, the sensual, the mystery of the interior as he photographed the external body: the nude viewed so often in partial close-up rather than in totality. These are Miriam Rusin’s intentions. These not to be eclipsed by passion.
"Passion is everything," Rusin says. "Intensity before beauty. The intensity and strangeness found in the Surrealists, Picasso and Dali, whose work also inspires.
I don’t care if you say, “Oh this is beautiful,” Rusin says.
"I want you to feel the passion."

Veteran arts journalist, critic and poet, An advocate for literacy, community and the arts, it is her turn to give back after enjoying the privilege of following international artists for publications such as: The New York Times, the Wall St. Journal, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the San Jose Mercury News; NPR.




Miriam Rusin. La Espera, Erotic Series, 2013. Edition 1/5.

45 x 33 inches (w/frame). Digital Photography.


Miriam Rusin. La Montaña, 2013. Edition 1/5.

45 x 33 inches (w/frame). Digital Photography.


Miriam Rusin. Piel Mojada, 2013. Edition 1/5.

33 x 45 inches (w/frame). Digital Photography.

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