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Gabriela Martinez featured at BaCA’s Art Hive Thursday artists talk back.


The artist gives an intro to her current exhibit on display and the thought process behind her art making.


Gabriela Martinez | solo exhibit


In a genuine effort to keep alive all year round the artists from LAAP group. With pleasure and pride we accepted the invitation to the artists residential Cultural Center of Pompano Beach from the Broward County.  Invitation of its new director / curator Byron Swart . Next Thursday, July 9th, the opening exhibition for Gabriela Martinez, Cuban artist residing at the moment in the city of Miami will take place. The first one was Asser Saint-val, Haitian-American artist. Our gratitude as well to the (Community Redevelopment Agency) CRA for their support to the visual arts.


Anthony Hernandez | Parallel Exhibition




From Within and Without: The History of Haitian Photography


Miami, Florida- From June 21 through October 4, 2015, NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale will present the first comprehensive museum survey of photography in Haiti in the exhibition From Within and Without: The History of Haitian Photography.


The exhibition’s nearly 350 works from the late 19th century to the present engage the history of photography in Haiti with the work of contemporary artists and photographers, offering a fascinating perspective on life in Haiti and how political and natural crises have been perceived by native and foreign photographers and photojournalists. From Within and Without is organized by NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale and is curated by Haitian-American artist Edouard Duval-Carrié.


From Within and Without features documentary, commercial, and official state photography, along with photographs from studio archives, family snapshots, and graphic arts that incorporate photography and film, documenting Haiti’s public and domestic architecture, its landscape, political history, natural disasters, and events that exemplify the richness and vitality of Haiti’s past and present.


Selections of works by contemporary photographers such as Phyllis Galembo, Leah Gordon, Mario Delatour, Maksaens Denis, Maggie Steber, Stephane Kenn de Balinthazy, Jean-Ulrick Désert, Andrea Baldeck, Pablo Butcher, Antoine Ferrer, Adler Guerrier, Carl Juste, Daniel Morel, Gary Monroe, Chantal Regnault, Roberto Stephenson and Paolo Woods are also included in the exhibition. The exhibition’s examples of photography by Haitian and other artists and photographers are transient, living records of the tumultuous life of the oldest independent nation in the western hemisphere and provide new perspectives on photography and the visual that offer a broader understanding of Haiti, its history, and its citizens.





Art Medellín | Medellín, Colombia


Art Medellín from 16 to 19 September in Plaza Mayor Medellín. LAAP is honored to be in collaboration with this international fair and welcome artist to experience this great event celebrating Medellín representing the visual arts communities around the world.

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